About Us


A technologically literate society in which all K-12 students have equal access to the technology skills, programs and resources that will enrich their education today and prepare them for college or career tomorrow.


The Mission of TECH CORPS is three-fold and is achieved through: 



TECH CORPS was founded in 1995 by Gary Beach, Publisher Emeritus of CIO Magazine and author of The U.S. Technology Skills Gap.  Gary envisioned an organization which would challenge American volunteers to help K-12 schools build a technology infrastructure -- much like the Peace Corps challenges men and women to help developing countries build their infrastructures.  Building from a state pilot in Massachusetts, TECH CORPS develops technology programs and deploys tech-savvy talent to assist K-12 schools and youth-serving organizations across the country. Over the years, partners such as JPMorgan Chase, Nordson Corporation and Cognizant have provided TECH CORPS with the fuel to deliver much-needed technology resources to K-12 students and teachers. Since 1995, more than 15,000 TECH CORPS volunteers have shared their time and talents assisting schools and nonprofit organizations in their communities.  

TECH CORPS in Ohio:  With seed funding from Battelle, JPMorgan Chase and The Columbus Foundation, TECH CORPS launched programs in Ohio in 1999. Due to the successes of the TECH CORPS Ohio chapter as well as the local, state and national recognition of its programming, in 2011 the National TECH CORPS Board of Trustees transferred the national charter to Ohio thus establishing Columbus, Ohio as the new national TECH CORPS headquarters.  By building strategic partnerships and deploying TECH CORPS signature programs, TECH CORPS is building the framework and infrastructure to swiftly and efficiently meet the changing technology needs of our nation's K-12 students and schools.