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Student CODE CORPS delivers computer programming lessons to high school students using various programming environments and then challenges them to use technology to develop solutions to everyday problems in their communities.


Grade Band

High School

Program Hours

30+ hours of programming


In-class or out of school time program


Content delivered by Computer Science Teacher or team of TECH CORPS volunteers

Program Components

Student CODE CORPS will challenge students to master computational thinking and problem solving to develop viable solutions. Components include:

  • Introduction to Computer Science using Python
  • Advanced computing principles with Java
  • Scripting language with PHP
  • Multiple projects that will come together as a final project
  • Community projects: development of software solutions for problems in the community
  • Student Social Network (digital citizenship), Blogs (reflective writing), Project Presentations
  • Student CODE CORPS Kit with student supplies
  • Evaluations and Assessments
  • Training and ongoing support