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Student TECH CORPS® delivers tech support training and industry-recognized certification to high school students and then harnesses their knowledge to power a Student-Run Help Desk to provide valuable technical support in their school buildings or communities. This program can be implemented during the school day as a part of the regular curriculum, during study hall or as an out-of-school time activity.



Grade Band

High School

Program Hours

120+ hours of online training, plus help-desk activities


In-class or out of school time program


Content delivered by Technology Teacher or team of TECH CORPS volunteers

Program Components

Student TECH CORPS delivers core information technology training to students through a structured, educator developed and tested program that provides:

  • Basic Technology Training: 120+ hours of online training in hardware, operating systems, software applications, networking, computer peripherals, troubleshooting, basic programming, databases, and professionalism/customer relations.
  • Testing and Certification: Online, performance-based testing of student knowledge, and industry-recognized certification – CompTIA IT Fundamentals+.
  • Digital Badges
  • Student-Run Help Desk: All procedures, training and call tracking capabilities needed to successfully implement a student-run help desk to support and complement existing technology infrastructure.
  • Student TECH CORPS Kit with hardware and student supplies
  • Evaluations and Assessments
  • Training and ongoing support
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