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In 2015, the Nordson Corporation Foundation and TECH CORPS announced a significant new partnership to increase middle school students’ access to high-quality technology and computer science summer programs. The Foundation will fund the expansion of TECH CORPS' Techie Camp program in communities where Nordson facilities and employees are located. In 2017, TECH CORPS will offer Techie Camps in Ohio, Rhode Island, New Jersey and Georgia and at the same time, work to build the capacity and infrastructure to offer students in California and Colorado the opportunity to participate in a Techie Camp during the summer of 2018.

The Franklin County Department of Job and Family Services (FCDJFS) and Board of Commissioners have provided competitive funding and support to several of TECH CORPS’ workforce development and career exposure programs. The visionary leadership of the County Commissioners and FCDJFS Team have provided TECH CORPS the opportunity to develop program experiences for teenagers that align with the emerging technology job markets in Central Ohio and beyond. Since 2006, FCDJFS has supported a number of TECH CORPS programs including: Camp IT, City Student TECH CORPS, Computing Career Corps and Student WEB CORPS.

The JPMorgan Chase Foundation is one of TECH CORPS’ founding sponsors. In 1999, the JPMorgan Chase Foundation provided the seed funding to launch TECH CORPS in Central Ohio. The Foundation has continued to support TECH CORPS in a variety of ways over the years and in 2012, seeded the expansion of TECH CORPS into Northeast Ohio. Hundreds of Chase employees have shared their time and expertise volunteering in a number of TECH CORPS programs including Student TECH CORPS, Techie Club and Techie Workshops. In 2016-17, and in alignment with JPMorgan Chase’s New Skills at Work initiative, TECH CORPS will update and pilot its Student TECH CORPS curriculum and delivery model in two high schools in Central Ohio. This program is designed to provide high school students with technical training and exposure with a focus on the middle-skill IT pathway.

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